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IEEE 802.15.4 Standard

1. Product Description

The UZ8900 is a high performance, low power, GFSK/FSK/MSK modems and MAC processor for the
operation in the frequency bands of  868MHz (EU), 915MHz (North America), 917MHz (Korea) and 920MHz (Japan). The advanced transceiver architecture is designed to minimize the external components and operate under various regulations such as the European ETSI EN300-220, the North American FCC CFR-47 Part 15, the Chinese short range wireless regulatory standards -- Radio Management of P.R. of China, the Japanese ARIB STD-T108 etc. Multiple data rates of 50Kbps/100Kbps/200Kbps with GFSK modulation and 1Mbps with FSK/MSK are supported by the UZ8900 for flexible system applications. 


2. Features



  • Operation bands

916 ~ 930 MHz (Japan)

917 ~ 923.5 MHz (Korea)

902 ~ 928 MHz (North America)

863 ~ 870 MHz (EU)

  • RX Sensitivity (1% PER)

-105dBm at 50Kbps GFSK

-102dBm at 100Kbps GFSK

-99dBm at 200Kbps GFSK

-91dBm at 1Mbps FSK/MSK

  • 13dBm max output power



  • IEEE 802.15.4g specification compliance

  • GFSK Modulation with 50, 100 and 200 kbit/s  data rate

  • FSK/MSK Modulation 1000 kbit/s data rate

  • Hardware CSMA-CA mechanism

  • Hardware support automatic ACK response

  • Hardware support FCS check


3. Package:

  •  QFN-32 5mmx5mm

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