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IP Business


RF/DIGI/SW/Design Service

UBEC RF IP Business:


UBEC provides radio-frequency (RF) Intellectual properties (IPs) for customers including designing, licensing and manufacturing. We license IP to the partners. They pay UBEC a license fee for the original IP and a royalty in every chip or wafer produced. The product list are:


1. IP for  IEEE802.15.4 Standard 2.4GH: 2400IP

2. IP for IEEE802.15.4g Standard Sub-1GHz: 8900IP

3. IP for Proprietary 2.4GHz: 2460IP

4. IP for Other RF IC: 2731IP, 2206IP, 2268IP, 2716IP


UBEC supports you to create your RF SOC or RF SiP.
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