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Two Methods for Lighting Control (1) Simple Control (2) Comprehensive Control

UBEC offers two solutions for controlling the lighting needs: one is the comprehensive control using a gateway and the other the simple control without a gateway. Traditional lighting control using a wall-mounted on-off switch (Figure 1) is simple. But it lacks other smart features such as CCT adjustable or dimming.

Figure 1. Traditional wall-mounted switch controlled lighting

For all home/building automation nowadays, a gateway along with a mesh network is necessary for implementing the smart lighting control. A basic example of such a system is shown in Figure 2. As shown there the lighting is controlled by a smart phone (can be other similar devices). Unlike the traditional wall-mounted switch control, it uses the modern wireless technology. As a result, this may present a challenge to those who are not technology savvy, or who clings too tightly to the old ways of doing things.

For these situations, UBEC provides a simple solution using a remote control and a wireless wall-mounted switch like the traditional one with the added benefits of expanded features.

Figure 2. Basic smart lighting control scheme.

However, if one desires the complete suits of the smart lighting with features such as the scene button for varied color temperature or dimming, one should use the gateway method that can include wall switches, remote controls, and smart phone-activated control. Some example schemes are shown in Figures 3 to 6 respectively. Note that Figures 4 and 6 can also be implemented as the simple control after proper setting.

Figure 3. Remote controller setting method for comprehensive control

Figure 4. Remote controller control method after setting.

Figure 5. Wall switch setting method for comprehensive control

Figure 6. Wall switch control method (after setting).

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